Friday, July 04, 2008

A Very Busy July...

This next week begins three weeks of travel for me. On Monday I leave for youth camp (MFuge) with a group of eight. We will be on campus at University of Missouri-St. Louis and will participate in community missions & ministry projects every day. Our young people are really looking forward to this camp, and so am I. It should be a wonderful experience. The following week (July 13-18) Tara and I will travel with a group of seven from church to New Orleans for a mission trip. Our experience last year was great, and even though we have lost a couple of attendees at the last minute, I'm sure this year will be great as well. Then, one week later still, Tara and I will be going on vacation - to Cancun, Mexico. This will be our first vacation that does not include family since our honeymoon (seven years ago), so we are really looking forward to it.

Throughout each week I will try to send blog updates and pictures and a very regular basis - hopefully at least every other day. We'll see if I have the time and tech-savy to pull this off!

Grace and peace,

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