Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remembering the Little Things...

This first appeared in our church newsletter, The Southwest Spirit.

Ministers, all of us, can be odd ducks. While admitting this, I do believe there is one way ministers have discovered something much of the rest of the world has missed. Some vocations express lofty goals, and many include notoriety. Sometimes an occupation even romanticizes its part in “changing the world.” Few ministers accept their calling with such a perspective. Sure, there is the occasional Billy Graham or Rick Warren, who attain international renown. However, most ministers serve faithfully for years, known well in local churches and communities but rarely beyond. This is probably how it should be.

Through all the years, lives are touched, hearts are changed, hurts are healed, and needs are met. For those outside the community of faith, these might seem like “little” things. However, those baptized, married, restored or comforted recognize how each “little” thing plays a part in changing the world – in moving God’s kingdom forward in this place.

Our retiring pastor has accomplished much for which he has received recognition. However, it might be those things for which little recognition has been given that are most important. Thank you, Rudy Pulido, for those “little” things you gave which we will forever remember, treasure, and keep in our hearts.

Grace and peace,
Pastor James

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